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Accessibility Products

Accessibility Products: Barrier Free Bathtubs & More in Grey/Bruce and Simcoe

Getting into a bathtub is never more difficult than when you are in a wheelchair. Asking for assistance at bath time may make you self-conscious or uncomfortable, which is quite understandable. Instead of seeking the help of a family member to get you get into the tub, try a barrier free bathtub in Owen Sound. At Bathtub King, we offer a full range of accessibility products to suit your every need such as:

* Walk-In bathtubs in various sizes to make your bath time more enjoyable *

* Tub to shower conversions for those who prefer the convenience and relaxation of a shower *

* Walk Thru Inserts, a unique product that enables an individual to access their bathtub in a safe and assured manner *

We also offer accessories such as grab bars, seated shower bases and folding seats.

"We just had a step-through installed in our bathtub. It is perfect! The job was quick, efficient, clean, timely by a thoroughly pleasant gentleman! Thank you Bathtub King of Owen Sound!" - J. McLean–Owen Sound

Anti Slip Applications

More accidents happen in the bathroom than any other part of the house. Rubber bathmats, rubber strips, and factory-etched surfaces can be hard to clean and can become unsafe.

Our permanent anti slip application outperforms any other mat on the market. Our application is permanent and covers 80% of the bottom of your tub. They are easy to clean and offer excellent anti slip properties. They come in a clear finish so they can be applied to any colour of bathtub.

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