Custom Bath Walls Acrylic Tub Liners in Owen Sound

Acrylic tub liners and custom bath wall systems offer durable long-term solutions to a worn out or outdated tub. Here are some points as to why our liners and wall systems are the way to go:

  • They insulate your existing tub to keep bathwater hot. Every tub includes an anti-slip ripple on the bottom.
  • We can complete the job in less than a day and in any order process (tub or wall system first and the other at later date or both done together the same day).
  • The walls are custom-made to fit your home – they can be made to fit completely to the ceiling and accommodate any special dimensions and windows. Faucet replacement is easily completed at this time with your new acrylic wall system.
  • Long term solution for most applications as it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty with typical life expectancy of twenty-five to thirty years.

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