Bathtub & Shower Repair in Barrie

If you're tired of looking at scratches and cracks in your shower or tub, or you are worried about problems with mold and other issues resulting from these cracks, call Bathtub King for bathtub and shower repair in Barrie.

Through years of collective research between manufacturers and ourselves, we have developed two very distinct repair systems for use on acrylic/fibreglass and porcelain/enamel. Our repairs are extremely durable and, in most cases, virtually invisible. We specialize in structural repairs, including cracks and unstable bases in one-piece tub and shower units. Our repairs are also covered by our no-hassle guarantee.

Our polishing service can restore dull, hard-to-clean acrylic and fibreglass bathtubs and shower units. Cigarette burns and scratches disappear leaving an easier-to-clean glossy surface, lowering maintenance costs.

When done, your bathrooms will look their best and will be much easier to clean. Any repair work can be done at the same time to keep your bathroom maintenance free (e.g. Re-grout tile, replace cracked or chipped tiles, etc.).

We are continually working on new products to enhance our business. We are also environmentally friendly. We would like you to take a minute and think of how many tubs did not reach the landfill because they were refinished instead.

Lift & Drain Kits

Now you can change those discoloured, rusty drains in a matter of minutes, eliminating the cost and mess of hiring a plumber to rip out your old drain system.

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